Phytogel cold effect for tired legs - Akileine

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    Akileine Phytogel cold effect for tired legs 150ml
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Akileine - Phytogel cold effect for tired legs 150ml

Akileine - Phytogel tonidrainant jambes lourdes



Akileine Draining heavy legs Gel is indicated for giving lightness to the tired legs due to internal or external causes!

A gel that it relieves the pain and the feeling of tired legs!

Refreshes and gives lightness to tired legs, a relaxing gel and flux!
Stimulates blood circulation, allowing the Elimination of retained liquids

Antioxidant and protective action of external aggressions, as well as to protect from the harmful action of pollution and stress!
Formulation based on medicinal plant extracts: Gingko Biloba, India chestnut and grape seed oil.

Ideal for who needs to be long standing or for pregnant women!

How to Use






Apply the product from the ankle to the top of the leg, massaging until total absorption.



last update: 16 November 2017

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