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Oily roots & dry ends shampoo - Apivita

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    Apivita Oily roots & dry ends shampoo 250ml
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Apivita - Oily roots & dry ends shampoo 250ml

Apivita - Holistic hair care oily roots & dry ends shampoo



For a lighter and looser hair, without compromising the tips' softness and length!

The Oily roots & dry ends shampoo provides a gentle but effective cleansing; while it moisturizes and protects the hair fiber.

Purified and voluminous hair, which is free from split ends!

To preserve the beauty and health from your hair, this formulation contains honey, hydrolyzed wheat protein extracts and panthenol combined with the Apishield HS technology which is able to protect the fiber in face of the aggressor from the everyday life.

The nettle and propolis extracts allow to purify your scalp and regulate excess sebum, minimizing it's accumulation.

85% ingredients of natural origin.

How to Use





Apply a small amount to the scalp and massage gently.

Rinse thoroughly.