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    Isdinceutics Auriderm cream for concussions and redness
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Isdinceutics - Auriderm cream for concussions and redness

Isdinceutics - auriderm creme



After dermatological and aesthetic treatments, such as filling injections, mesotherapy, laser or even surgeries (such as blepharoplasty); the skin that is manipulated can develop erythema (redness), bruises, and even vascaular patches.

A cream that acts to reduce the color of skin subject to aesthetic and dermatological treatments

Therefore, Auriderm cream is the ideal product to treat skin subject to this kind of treatment because it has apatented formula with Vitamin K oxide, which accelerates the bruising and redness decreasing.

In addition, its formula contains a combination of vitamins C and E that accelerate the disappearance of coloring and vasculas patches.

How to Use






Apply at morning and night affected areas, performing a gentle massage until complete product absorption.

It is advisable to start the application between 10 or 15 days before the aesthetic treatment, and keep it after the procedure during this same period.


Isdinceutics| science to beauty

last update: 16 February 2017

Isdinceutics| science to beauty
Isdinceutics has arrived at SweetCare! This range guarantees a perfect combination between the performance from dermatology and the pleasure of beauty ritual from the aesthetics