Antirougeurs calm redness-relief soothing repair mask - Avene

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Avene - Antirougeurs redness-relief soothing repair mask 50ml

Avene - Antirougeurs calm masque apaisant réparateur



Immediate relief, comfort and freshness of irritated and heated skin.

Prevention and mitigation sensitive skin redness.

Ruscus extract enriched in saponins acts on cutaneous microcirculation promotion, showing thus redness-relief effect.

Sucralfate is a repairing active ingredient, also present in the formulation, which facilitates epidermis regeneration.

Rich in Avène thermal water returns smoothes to the skin.

How to use





Apply in thick layer in the face, whenever necessary. Leave for 5 to 10 minutes and then remove gently with cotton.

Appease with Avène thermal water.


The redness, rosacea or couperose is a skin condition characterized by diffuse redness, specially in the face. It is more common in fair, thin and sensitive skin, affecting men and women equally.

Fine face vessels tend to react and dilate to external stimulus and aggressions, appearing the unsightly redness.

Antirougeurs Avéne line normalizes dermal blood microcirculation, calming the sensation of irritation and skin heating.


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