Cicalfate drying repair lotion for exudative lesions - Avene

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Avene - Cicalfate drying repair lotion 40ml

Avene - Cicalfate lotion asséchante réparatrice



Repairing and purifying action.

Repair injured skin surface layer.

Cicalfate repair drying lotion is indicated for exudative lesions of the skin and mucosa of adult, children and newborn.

Very effective, high "drier" power, excellent wound healing and with great tolerance.

Associates the drying power of Silicate and Zinc oxide to the repairing action of Sucralfate and the antibacterial action of Zinc sulphate.

How to use





Shake well before using. Clean the pretended area and then apply the lotion with a compress help. The application can be made twice a day.


Cicalfate range products are responsible for repairing surface layer of damaged skin thanks to antibacterial and repairing agents present in its composition.

Suitable for dry, exudative irritations after dermatological act or to dry hands and irritated as a result of climatic or professional assaults.

Features an high degree of effectiveness and tolerance.