Cold cream lip balm - Avene

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    Avene Cold cream lip balm 4g
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Avene - Cold cream lip balm 4g

Avene - Cold cream stick lèvres



Nourishing, restorative and protective lip care.

Restructures, nourishes, relieves and protects in a lasting way damaged lips by climatic aggressions (cold, hot, wind,...) or by pharmacologic treatments (herpetic treatment,...).

Privileged care of sensitive dry to very dry skin comfort.

Creamy stick, nourishing and protective.

Sucralfate regenerates and restructures mucosa. Rich in Cold Cream, nourishes and protects lips from external aggressions (wind, cold, UV radiation, etc.).

How to use





Can be applied whenever necessary.

Cold Cream-Avène

Privileged and particular care for sensitive dry to very dry skin.

Enriched in Cold Cream, recognized for its nutritional properties (bee white wax, liquid paraffin), reconstitutes hydrolipidic film for a nourished and smooth skin.