D-pigment rich dark spot lightener for dry skin - Avene

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    Avene D-pigment rich dark spot lightener 30ml
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Avene - D-pigment rich dark spot lightener 30ml

Avene - D-pigment riche soin unifiant anti-taches



Innovative unifying depigmenting care.

Attenuates located or extensive brown spots and prevents the emergence of new spots.

Brown spots noticeably dimmed, irregularities smoothed and uniform and light complexion.

Contains in its formulation Mélanyde (limits melanin synthesis), Retinaldehyde (stimulates cell renewal) and Pre-tocopheryl (protective antioxidant action), which act in synergism in the reduction of pigmentation and standardising the complexion.

Features a soft and velvet texture, suited to the needs of dry and very dry skin.

How to use





Apply at night in affected areas (localized or extensive brown spot of the face, neckline and hands).

To maximize efficiency it is recommended prolonged and regular use with association of daily protection.


Despite the benefits of sun exposure, improper exposure and lack of care lead to the appearance of unsightly brown spots.

Brown spots are due to the accumulation of melanin (pigment that gives color to the skin) that is produced as a skin defense against sun exposure.

Associates three active ingredients dark spot lighteners, effective and well tolerated. D-Pigment is a specialized care of the epidermal hyper pigmentation.

2 textures available: D-Pigment light for normal to oily skin and D-Pigment rich for dry to very dry skin.