Pédiatril cleasing water for baby - Avene

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Avene - Pédiatril cleansing water for babies 500ml

Avene - Pédiatril eau nettoyante sans rinçage



Gently eliminates small impurities in the baby's face, body, and nappy area.

Cleansing water, mild and soothing for the hygiene of your baby

Pediatril cleansing water is indicated for very sensitive skins.

Rich in light and transparent Avène thermal spring water, contains very mild cleaning agents.

Enriched in Glycerin moisturizes the upper layers of the skin of the baby.

Use test

After using the water cleaner:

  • His parents were unanimous while enjoying its cleansing power.
  • All found that the baby's skin is more clean and smooth.
  • More than 95% of the parents enjoyed their great tolerance.


Learn more...

Newborn's skin is very sensitive.

After birth, the baby's skin can overreact to the environmental factors becoming red, irritated, intolerant, allergic, because their defenses are not yet prepared or balanced.

How to use






Apply gently on face, neck and part of the baby's diaper with a disc of soft cotton. Next, spray with Avène thermal spring water and dry carefully.

Pédiatril - Avène

Pédiatril is a range of dermo-pediatric products, rich in Avene thermal spring water, formulated with the minimum number of components that guarantee smoothness and perfect tolerance.
No perfume, dyes, alcohol or parabens.
All Pédiatril care respond to a quality and very demanding tolerance chart, destined even to the most sensitive skins.