Pédiatril moisturizing cream defi for babies - Avene

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Avene - Pédiatril moisturizing face cream for babies 50ml

Avene - Pédiatril crème hydratante d.e.f.i. cométique stérile

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Avene - Pédiatril moisturizing face cream for babies 200ml

Avene - Pédiatril crème hydratante d.e.f.i. cométique stérile



The sensations of dehydration and minor redness will disappear, providing a sense of relief due to the soothing properties of Avéne thermal water.

Nutrition for your baby, with all the safety

Formulated with Shea butter and Glycerin, this hydrating care cream, restores the delicate and fragile skin of the baby.

Note: This product has an unique device D.E.F.I. (unique device intact formula - patented opening and closing system, which allows you to conserve the formula sterile, protected from germs, during the lifetime of the product).


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Newborn's skin is very sensitive. 

After birth, the baby's skin can overreact to the environmental factors becoming red, irritated, intolerant, allergic, because their defenses are not yet prepared or balanced.


How to use





Apply a small amount of the product in the morning and night on clean, dry face of the baby.

Pédiatril - Avène

Pédiatril is a range of dermo-pediatric products, rich in Avene thermal spring water, formulated with the minimum number of components that guarantee smoothness and perfect tolerance. No perfume, dyes, alcohol or parabens. All Pédiatril care respond to a quality and very demanding tolerance chart, destined even to the most sensitive skins.


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