Antirougeurs redness-relief moisturizing protecting emulsion spf20 skin prone to couperosis - Avene

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Avene - Antirougeurs redness-relief moisturizing protecting emulsion spf20 40ml

Avene - Antirougeurs jour emulsion hydratante protectrice spf20



Hydration and protection of sensitive skin, normal to combination skin, prone to redness.

Normal to combination skin prone to redness.

Synergic action of dextran sulfate and Ruscus extract enriched in saponins, promote cutaneous microcirculation, attenuating redness.

Avéne thermal water softens and desensitizes skin.

UV radiation is one of the factors that exacerbate redness and thereby the presence of photoprotective agents is essential.

How to use





Clean the skin in the morning, with Antirougeurs redness-relief dermo-cleasing milk, applying then Antirougeurs redness-relief moisturizing protecting emulsion.


The redness, rosacea or couperose is a skin condition characterized by diffuse redness, specially in the face. It is more common in fair, thin and sensitive skin, affecting men and women equally.

Fine face vessels tend to react and dilate to external stimulus and aggressions, appearing the unsightly redness.

Antirougeurs Avéne line normalizes dermal blood microcirculation, calming the sensation of irritation and skin heating.