Rich compensating cream - Avene

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Avene - Rich compensating cream 50ml

Avene - Crème nutritive compensatrice


Slight and nutritious texture, easily absorbed with intense moisturizing effect.

Rich compensating cream with Avene thermal spring water

The beneficial properties of the Avène thermal spring water, associated with nutritious and hydrating active principles, form a very complete, very creamy, easily absorbed facial care.

The skin is protected from external agressions thanks to the antioxidant effect of pré-tocoferil, precursor of vitamin E, recapturing the elasticity and softness.


How to use





Apply on clean face, morning and night.

Suitable for dry to very dry skin.

Hypoallergenic. Non comedogenic.


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last update: 08 August 2016

Live chat avene
The sweet Inês Carneiro, beauty expert from Avène, answered to some questions from our facebook followers. A live chat that was a huge sucess!