Sérénage revitalizing eye balm mature skin - Avene

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Avene - Sérénage revitalizing eye balm 15ml

Avene - Baume regard revitalisant



Reinforces skin damaged by age and fights sagging skin. Sorely nourishes and protects skin from external aggressions. 

Ultra soothing eye contour balm, for a rejuvenated and luminous look.

Eye contour soothing balm!

Eye contour densification is achieved due to H.A.F. (hyaluronic acid fragments) action.

Glicoleol features an important nutritive function through stimulation of skin cells lipid production. For its part, pre-tocopheryl (vitamin E) has a powerful antioxidant action.

Due to decongestant action, dextran sulfate reduces puffiness and relax the look.

How to use





Clean the skin and carefully remove makeup.

Apply Sérénage with soft touches, at morning and night, on the eye contour area, from the inside to the outside.


From 65 years, dominate the time with serenity ...

Sérénage combines redensifying power of H.A.F. (hyaluronic acid fragments) with protective effect of Pre-tocopheryl, returning to mature skin, weakened by age, density and firmness. Glicoleol promotes skin lipid production, deeply nourishing and protecting skin from external aggressions.

Day after day, the skin becomes firmer, brighter, recapturing strength and vitality.