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    Avene Ystheal anti-wrinkle emulsion 30ml
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Avene - Ystheal anti-wrinkle emulsion 30ml

Avene - Ystheal emulsion anti-rides



All women deserve to preserve their youth!

Ysthéal emulsion has a light and fluid texture, adapting perfectly to normal to combination skin with matifying effect.

The ideal anti-aging care for combination skins

The Yestéal line corrects and prevents early signs of aging, such as loss of elasticity and brightness, fine lines and wrinkles.

Results of satisfaction regarding the reduction of wrinkles:

  • 68.5% after 1 month of application.
  • 89.5% after 2 months of application.

Since the first week, your complexion will regain brightness, lightness and softness.
Since the first month, wrinkles and fine lines are smoothed out and the skin becomes firmer.


How to use





Apply Ysthéal Emulsion night on clean, dry skin on the face and neck.

Suitable for sensitive skin, normal to combination.

This line is not recommended for pregnant and nursing mothers, given there aren't studies proving the safety of the retinaldeído.


The line Ysthéal is usually recommended from the age of 25 years, to prevent and treat the cutaneous premature aging.

Signs like wrinkles, fine lines, less velvety skin and an uneven complexion are mitigated and compensated.

This line has an association of RetinaldeídoPre-tocopheryl (vitamin E), and antioxidants that provide full power to the cells to recover its activity and at the same time neutralizing the damaging action of free radicals.


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