Capilar anti-hairloss shampoo - Babe

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    Babe Capilar anti-hairloss shampoo 250ml
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Babe - Capilar anti-hairloss shampoo 250ml

Babe - Champ├┤ cabelos oleosos



Revitalizes the hair roots, preventing it's loss!

The Capilar anti-hairloss shampoo is suitable for fine and delicate hair, regulating excessive oiliness and activating circulation.

Strength, energy and volume!

The quinine and ginkgo biloba extracts allow to stimulate the scalp, while the biotin, zinc and burdock extract complex minimizes seborrhoea .

With light conditioning ingredentes, your hair will be easier to untangle without losing volume.

How to Use






Use twice to three times a week, in alternation with a neutral shampoo (for normal hair).