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Bexident - Gums maintenance toothpaste with triclosan 75ml

Bexident - Gums maintenance toothpaste

Bexident - Gums maintenance toothpaste with triclosan 125ml

Bexident - Gums maintenance toothpaste



Daily hygiene for optimal maintenance.

Helps prevent gingivitis, avoiding the early symptoms (plaque, bleeding and inflammation).

Ideal oral hygiene...

With triclosan encapsulated in cyclodextrins featuring an antiseptic action, being released progressively in the oral cavity. Also contains dexpanthenol and allantoin responsible for cellular regeneration and fluorine with anticaries action.

How to use






Brush teeth 2 to 3 times a day after meals.

Bexident - Encias triclosan

Daily hygiene for gums and teeth care with an antiseptic effective and prolonged action, anti-inflammatory and anticaries activity. Encias triclosan range products confer protection against potential infections and have regenerative properties.