Fresh breath spray - Bexident

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Bexident - Fresh breath spray 15ml

Bexident - Fresh breath spray



To provide you with 24 hours of fresh breath, Bexident created the Fresh Breath spray, whose VSC Neutralizing Tech technology neutralizes both the bacterias and processes that cause bad breath.

Lasting effectiveness against bad breath

Its innovative formula blocks the generation of volatile sulfurous compounds that are responsible for bad odor.

This product has a long-lasting action, and it can also help to control oral dryness.

How to Use






Spray directly inside the oral cavity 3 to 4 times.
Repeat as many times as you wish throughout the day.
Don't rinse.


Bexident-Fresh Breath

A range directed to the elimination of the factors that cause halitosis (bad breath), and significantly undermine the quality of life of those who suffer from these problems.