Abcderm cleansing cold-cream for babies sensitive skin - Bioderma

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    Bioderma Abcderm cold-cream cleansing cream for babies 1l
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Bioderma - Abcderm cold-cream cleansing cream for babies 1l

Bioderma - Abcderm cold-cream crème lavante pour bebés



Formulated with a gentle, SOAP-free cleansing base, ABCDerm Cold-Cream Cleansing Cream contains skin assets sobre-engordurantes, rich in essential fatty acids that allow a smooth skin hygiene.

Hygiene of dry to very dry skin children and baby

Excellent skin tolerance and ocular.

Neither burns in the eye.

Can be used in newborns with the exception of premature babies.


ABCDerm - Bioderma

Care line specifically formulated according to the Dermatological safety Commitment ABCDerm, for dry and very dry skins, weakened by external aggressions (wind, cold, hard water, heat, etc.).

This line combines the highest safety and tolerance, respecting the characteristics of the baby's skin, assuming 4 commitments: safety, efficacy, tolerance, Traceability.


How to use






Apply on wet skin (face and body).

Foam through gentle movements.

Rinse thoroughly.

Apply a moisturizing ABCDerm Cold-Cream care.