Abcderm peri-oral irritations arround the mouth - Bioderma

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Bioderma - Abcderm peri-oral irritations arround the mouth 40ml

Bioderma - Abcderm peri-oral irritations du contour de la bouche



ABCDerm Peri-Oral is specifically formulated for skin prone to irritation of the contour of the mouth of babies and children.

These rashes are due to the contact of saliva with the skin, and can aggravate with cold and wind.

Formulated with Amylpriv patent, it blocks the irritant amylase action (enzyme present in saliva).

Protective cream for Peri-oral Dermatitis

Promotes an isolating and protective action thanks to the dermatological cleansing agents and repairers action:

  • Favors the reduction of irritant peri-oral lesions;
  • Calms inflammation and prevents infection;
  • Contributes to the reconstruction of the cutaneous barrier;
  • Promotes the reduction of redness and helps the restore skin comfort.

Easy to apply, does not leave white marks on the skin.

NOTE: the color of the cream is due to copper sulphate present in the formulation. When applied, it becomes colourless .


How to use






Apply 2 to 3 times per day on the irritated area of the contour of the mouth previously clean and dry.

Should not be applied on exudative lesions.

In case of persistent injuries, consult your doctor.

Can be used in newborns with the exception of premature babies.