Atoderm pp ultra-nourishing emollient balm for atopic skin - Bioderma

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Bioderma - Atoderm pp emollient balm atopic skin 200ml

Bioderma - Atoderm pp émollient ultra-nourrissant

Bioderma - Atoderm pp emollient balm atopic skin 500ml

Bioderma - Atoderme pp émollient ultra-nourrissant



Atoderm PP Emollient Balm is the 1st bio-reparator daily care of dry to very dry atopic skin, subject to irritations.

Thanks to a unique and innovative formula, Atoderm PP stimulates the natural process of skin barrier reparation, by increasing the production of B-defensins, which regulates the flora.

Restored, hydrated and comfortable skin

Formulated with vitamin PP to 2%, stimulates skin cells to synthesize lipid components (ceramides, cholesterol and free fatty acids), necessary for the cohesion of the cement intercorneocitário.

The presence of Zanthalene, gives a anti-prurigin action, giving comfort and relieving the skin.

Atoderm PP Balm emollient, restores the skin and gives a comfortable level of hydration.

How to use






Apply Emollient Balm PP Atoderm, 1 or 2 times per day on clean skin, after using the Gel or Atoderm PP Moussant dermatological Soap Atoderm.

Atoderm PP, is recommended in combination with and after using dermocorticoides.

Hypoallergenic. Without Perfume.




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last update: 02 January 2018

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