Photoderm kid spf50 sunscreen spray for children - Bioderma

Bioderma - Photoderm kid spf50 sunscreen spray for children 200ml

Bioderma - Photoderm kid spf50 spray enfants



The anti-UVA filter system and anti-UVB of Photoderm Kid Spray spf50+ safely protects the delicate skin of children.

The Spray format makes the apllication
easy and fun for Children!

The unique patented complex Cellular bio-security, reinforced by the C Peptide, provides optimal protection in the long time of skin cells.

Formulated without perfume, ensures excellent tolerance.

Safe and convenient protection for all children.


Photoderm - Bioderma

The photoprotective care of Photoderm from Bioderma ensures optimal sun protection and prevents intolerant reactions in the sun.

Directly protect skin cells from the sun's dangers: patented cell complex Bioprotection Celular.

How to use






Apply generously and evenly before sun exposure, after carefully drying the skin. 

Apply often after bathing, after a sport activity or if for some reason the sunscreen was removed from the skin.


Water resistant and photostable.

Has no fragrance and ensures an excellent tolerance.

No alcohol. No octocrylene. No Parabens.