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Thanks to the exclusive patented complex - Fluidactiv, the Sébium AKN preserves the quality of sebum, preventing its degradation and thickening, reducing the formation of microquists and comedones.

The active querato-regulators components, Malic acid 15%, 5% lactic acid (AHA the 20%), and the 2% Salicylic Acid, clean the pores in depth.

The 1st treatment with sebum-corretor and keratolytic action

The presence of zinc gluconate at 3%, regulates the secretion and purification of tallow, shortening their time when hyperproduction and the proliferation of microorganisms that cause imperfections.

This careful moisturizing action, still owned by compounds of glycerine and Xylitol.

Sébium AKN gives a smooth, clear and purified texture by recovering your natural balance.


Excess sebum, leads to the appearance of unsightly skin and sometimes painful imperfections, dispersed all over the face.

The skin acquires a glistening and bright aspect, with the formation of comedones, occurring mainly in the median of the face - forehead, nose and chin.

Knowing that the treatment of oily and combination skin begins with proper hygiene, Bioderma offers hygiene solutions to clean and purify the skin every day - Sebium.

How to use






Apply 1 to 2 times a day, after the facial.

Can apply makeup after using Sébium AKN.

Should avoid the eye contour.


Cleanance, the acne answer by avène!

last update: 03 January 2018

Cleanance, the acne answer by avène!
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