Sebium gel moussant oily acne skin cleaning - Bioderma

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Bioderma - Sebium gel moussant for oily skin 200ml promotional price

Bioderma - Sebium gel moussant purifiant

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Bioderma - Sebium gel moussant for oily skin 200ml

Bioderma - Sebium gel moussant purifiant



Formulated with non-irritating ingredients, Sébium Gel Moussant gently cleanses the face.

Helps to decrease and prevent the formation of microquists and blackheads.

Purifying hygiene of oily skin!

This gel-foam, reduces sebum secretion thanks to its patented Fluidactiv complex, which is associated with the chlorhexidine Zn gluconate and Cu sulfate, as well as mild anionic surfactants, that clean and purify the skin gently.

Bioderma Sébium Gel Moussant garanties a smooth hygiene with seboregulating action.



Excess sebum, leads to the appearance of unsightly skin and sometimes painful imperfections, dispersed all over the face.

The skin acquires a glistening and bright aspect, with the formation of comedones, occurring mainly in the median of the face - forehead, nose and chin.

Knowing that the treatment of oily and combination skin begins with proper hygiene, Bioderma offers hygiene solutions to clean and purify the skin every day - Sebium.

How to use






Wet the face with warm water.

Then emulsify the gel between your hands to creat foam and apply on the face.

Thoroughly rinse your face (rinse time must always be greater than the time of washing).

Drying the skin is essential, but it must be done carefully, so you should use a soft towel or cotton.

Sebium Gel Moussant, ensures an excellent skin and ocular tolerance.