White objective intensive lightening serum for dark spots treatment - Bioderma

Discontinued Product.
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The White Objective Sérum Night reduces stains and reveals the radiance and luminosity to the face.

With similar White Objective action, this Day lightens, balances and brightens the skin.

Luminous look

Uniform complexion

Also promotes the elimination of pigmentation, blemishes and prevents its recurrence.

This night care, considered the treatment of attack, is formulated with Glycolic acid to 12%, which exerts an action of "peeling" intensive, enabling the elimination of hyperpigmented cells.

How to use






Apply at night on the face and neck, before night cream and after cleaning the face preferably with White Objective H20.



How to achieve a more luminous skin?

last update: 05 October 2017

How to achieve a more luminous skin?
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