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White objective h2o micellar solution acts in the main mechanisms that cause skin pigmentation ensuring optimised and preventive action.

Whitening micellar solution

Cleaning solution adapted to sensitive skin with hyperpigmentation.

Formulated with patented complex W.O., micellar solution White Objective H20, is ideal for the cleaning of the most sensitive skins, once the micelles contained in its formula, effectively eliminates impurities (without rinsing), without irritating the skin.

How to use






With the help of a cotton disk, soak it with White Objective Micellar Solution H20 and gently pass it over the face and eyes.

Repeat the application until the cotton remains perfectly clean.

Must dry the face at the end.


All about micellar water!

last update: 16 June 2017

All about micellar water!
Micellar waters have been winning more and more fans, not only for its practicality, but also for its properties! Get to know everything, about this fantastic product!