Blue therapy serum-in-oil - Biotherm

Biotherm - Blue therapy serum-in-oil 30ml

Biotherm - Blue therapy sérum-in-oil

Biotherm - Blue therapy serum-in-oil 50ml

Biotherm - Blue therapy sérum-in-oil



Formula composed of micro-dispersion of serum-in-oil that fuses with the skin. Quick and deep repair.  

Oil rich in specific omega-3 fatty acid whose lipid composition so closely matches the skin.

The repair of an oil, the power of a serum!

Non-greasy and non-sticky. All skin types.


Proven benefits after 1 month of use.


How to use





Place one dose into the palm of the hand. Using both hands, smooth over the face in an outward pattern starting from the centre, finishing by the neck.

Use every night on the skin previously cleaned. Apply alone or underneath your usual night treatment.

Blue Therapy - Biotherm

The power of aquatic biodiversity gathered in an anti-aging concentrate. Blue Therapy own a triple action: regenerates, firms and strengthens the skin. Visibly attenuates aging signs: flaccidity, dark spots and wrinkles.