Aquapower eye de-puffer hydrator - Biotherm Homme

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    Biotherm Homme Aquapower eye de-puffer hydrator 15ml
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Biotherm Homme - Aquapower eye de-puffer hydrator 15ml



Immediate freshness for a quick decongestion of your eye contour!

The Homme aquapower eye de-puffer hydrator allows to reduce the tiredness, that so often shows in your look, also being ophthalmologist.

Fewer undereye bags and dark circles, for an energized look!

Caffeine has a decongestant action and it's present in this product; while the menthol derivatives promote an immediate cooling.

The Life Plankton allows soothe the skin, which sometimes becomes inflammed when there is congestion.

How to Use

Biotherm Homme





Apply an amount equal to one grain of rice, with your fingertips, by performing a soft massage.