Force supreme anti-aging lotion - Biotherm Homme

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    Biotherm Homme Force supreme anti-aging lotion 200ml
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Biotherm Homme - Force supreme anti-aging lotion 200ml

Biotherm Homme - Homme apres-rasage aquatic lotion



A soothing lotion, without alcohol and having a quick absorption; which assists to combat the signs of aging.

The Homme force supreme anti-aging lotion combines nourishing and moisturizing ingredients; leaving your skin plumped and smooth.

Finish shaving with a rehydrating and anti-ageing care!

Pro-XylaneTMretains the water on the surface skin layers, while it promotes collagen synthesis; and Cedar nud extractstimulates cell regeneration.

Additionally, this lotion contains omegas 3 and 6 that nourish the skin, giving back it's comfort.

With a light texture and quick absorption, your skin will become immediately ready to receive your routine!

How to Use

Biotherm Homme





Apply directly after shaving, tapping lightly with your fingertips.