Divine body scrub - Caudalie

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Caudalie - Divine body scrub 150g

Caudalie - Gommage divin corps



Divine body scrub allows to gently free the skin from dead cells, leaving a velvety finish.

In contact with the skin, its nice texture, smooth and not sticky, quickly turns into a milk which penetrates easily into the skin.

A truly luxurious care sublimator plate

The smoothing effect is almost immediate, and the skin becomes soft and smooth.

Honoring their commitment to use of natural cosmetics, the Caudalie formulates the Gommage Divine with 97% of natural extracts:

  • Brown sugar (crystals)
  • Grapeseed Oil
  • Argan oil
  • Hibismo oil
  • Sesame oil

This divine formulation gives skin hydration and nutrition.

Its aroma, involves the skin with a subtle fragrance floral and solar, punctuated of woody notes.

Divine Tip...
..After applying the Caudalie Gommage Divin, wrap the skin in a sensory experience with the Caudalie Divine Oil.

How to use






Apply 2 times a week, on wet skin.

Remove with water.

Divin Collection - Caudalie

Moisturizing, softness and delicate perfumes.

Experience the Divine range Caudalie for a truly divine experience ...



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