Gentle cleansing milk eyes and face make-up remover - Caudalie

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    Caudalie Gentle cleansing milk 200ml
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Caudalie - Gentle cleansing milk 200ml

Caudalie - Lait démaquillant douceur

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    Caudalie Gentle cleansing milk 100ml
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Caudalie - Gentle cleansing milk 100ml

Caudalie - Lait démaquillant douceur



This smooth and velvety cleansing milk, cleans and removes make-up of the face and eyes, even on the most sensitive skins.

Rich in nourishing and soothing agents, leaves skin clean, soft and comfortable.

Moisturizing cleansing for a soft and smooth skin

This milk contains:

  • Europe's sweet almond oil, which moisturizes soothes your skin;
  • Blue Centaurea Azul extract from France, capable of softening and decongesting;
  • Polyphenols from France grapes, with antioxidant action;
  • Shea butter from Africa, able to repair and nourish your skin.

Vinotherapeutic tips...

For mixed skins, Gentle Cleansing milk can be mixed with cleansing foam Flower vines, before cleaning with water.

For dry skin, the Gentle Cleansing Milk can also be mixed with the Gentle Exfoliating cream, for a clean and gentle exfoliation in a single step.

98% Ingredients of natural origin

Caudalie Beauty recipe

SweetCare proposes the beauty program customized for a specific Caudalie response to the needs of your skin.
Send us your answer and receive an email with Caudalie's suggestion, for your personalized treatment program.

How to use






Morning and evening, apply on face and eyes with a cotton. With or without rinsing. Hypoallergenic. Non-comedogenic. Suitable to all skin types. High tolerance formula, dermatologically and ophthalmologically tested.

Cleansing & Toning - Caudalie

The extensive line of cleansers and toners by Caudalie consists of highly natural products (up to 99% ingredients of natural origin) to remove makeup, cleanse and tone gently your skin.

An offer of foams, facial cleansing, micellar water, exfoliating creams and masks for a gentle cleaning and an unforgettable experience.