Nourishing body lotion - Caudalie

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    Caudalie Nourishing body lotion 250ml
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Caudalie - Nourishing body lotion 250ml

Caudalie - Soin corps nourrissant



Rich in highly nutritious active ingredients, this care moisturizes immediately the skin, wich recovers softness and elasticity.

Grape polyphenols prevent the premature skin aging and the ginkgo biloba activates microcirculation.

Protected and energized, your skin is firmer and luminous

Its creamy texture is quickly absorbed, leaving the skin a velvety veil, delicately fragrant.

A true nutritional and anti-oxidant care for the body.


Significant moisturizing effect of the surface layers of the epidermis: +70% after 1:0. Clinical trials carried out in 11 goals people by an independent laboratory approved by the Ministry of health.

Composition: Grape seed polyphenols, grape seed oil, Ginkgo biloba

Vinotherapeutic tips...
This nutritional care is excellent for after sun exposure or post waxing/depilation.


Caudalie Beauty recipe

SweetCare proposes the beauty program customized for a specific Caudalie response to the needs of your skin.
Send us your answer and receive an email with Caudalie's suggestion, for your personalized treatment program.

How to use






By morning and at night, massaging the whole body in a circular motion.