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Premier Cru The Eye Cream is the only global anti-aging care, which simultaneously corrects and immediately beautifies, exclusively dedicated to the most precious of the facial area: the eye contour.

Formulated with 3 ingredients and patents-star, in its most concentration, Premier Cru is destined to a global action against the signs of aging: wrinkles, loss of firmness, decreased luminosity, spots and dryness, to an exquisitely beautiful and young skin.

Innovative youth elixir of intoxicating effectiveness

The unique alchemy between the 3 patents Caudalie and the best anti-aging research, this elixir acts on all the aging signs : wrinkles, dark circles, puffiness, loss of luminosity and firmness, thus giving rise to a resplendent look of youth.

Its silvery, iridescent coppery and masking effect, immediately mittigate the dark circles and brighten the look. Other areas, shadows and imperfections are eliminated and do not require any more concealment.

Vinotherapeutic tips...
Multiply the effectiveness of anti-dark circles eye cream anti-puffiness and ending with small rapid rate, for a draining effect. Premier Cru the eye cream is also suitable for the contour of the lips!


Composition: the 3 patents emblematic of Caudalie grape polyphenols, Resveratrol-Oley and Viniferine vines titled gather in this exceptional care to ensure spectacular results on all signs of aging and cell longevity.

Ophthalmologically tested.


Caudalie Beauty recipe

SweetCare proposes the beauty program customized for a specific Caudalie response to the needs of your skin.
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How to use






Use half a dose of eye cream on yur finger and then apply gently in little touches from the inside to the outside of the eye.

Lightly smooth down, starting with the lower eyelid and rising after along the temples to the upper eyelid (3 times).

Suitable for all skin types.

Premier Cru - Caudalie

The line Premier Cru is the first treatment that combines luxury, science and ethics, in an absolutely exceptional skin care.

Inspired by the greatest vintages of Château Smith Haut Lafitte, care Premier Cru could call them the Creams's Creams - "Crème de la Crème".


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