Shower gel zeste de vignes - Caudalie

Discontinued Product.
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Zeste de vigne shower gel enriched with Aloe vera and without SOAP, respects the physiological ph of your skin, in a moment of pure comfort leaving the skin soft and with an energizing fragrance.

Energizing Fragrance

Soap-free shower gel enriched with Aloe Vera and formulated on a base of soft wash of vegetable origin to respect the physiological ph of the skin.

Its scintillating aroma combines notes of flowers, leaves and fruit of the lemon tree.


Vinoterapêutic tips...
Prolong the pleasure scenting with fresh water Zeste de Vigne ® Energy.



Caudalie Beauty recipe

SweetCare proposes the beauty program customized for a specific Caudalie response to the needs of your skin.
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How to use






Emulsify over wet skin.
Rinses off easily to leave the skin feeling soft with a delicious flower and lemon fragance.

Gel Douche - Caudalie

Six fragrances, endless sensations.
The line of Bath gels of Caudalie's specially formulated SOAP for your skin is protected from all chemical aggressions.
Thanks to its sumptuous fragrances, the douche becomes a pure moment of relaxation and inspiration.
Difficult is to choose which of the aromas will use today.