Uva/uvb defense spf50+ very high sun protection - Cetaphil

Discontinued Product.
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Cetaphil Defense has been specially formulated for those in dermatological treatment, thanks to its protection against UVA and UVB rays responsible for sunburn and skin cancer.

Daily care moisturizer with SPF50 protection +

It is indicated for:

  • sensitive skin
  • skins with problems such as fotoagravadas dermatitis (skin diseases that worsen to sunbathe)
  • skin subjected to procedures that have left the sensitized skin like peels, scrubs and treatments to retinoids base.

Its creamy formulation is water resistant, easy to be applied, does not burn the eyes and does not cause blackheads.

Does not contain perfume.


How to use





Apply daily or before sun exposure, generously, on the face and areas exposed to UV rays.
Repeat the application during sun exposure every 2 hours.