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Chanel - Blue serum longevity care 30ml

Chanel - Blue serum



The light and fresh serum that will revolutionize your beauty routine!

The Blue Serum is inspired by the areas of the planet where there is a greater longevity, and which are called blue zones. In these region the diet is clearly different, and therefore Chanel decided to look there in order to obtain a revolutionary product directed to all the skin concerns.

Achieve a younger, healthier and firmer skin!

This serum contains 3 key ingredients:

  • Costa Rica Green Coffee Extract: with high antioxidant action, protecting the skin from environmental aggressions. This ingredient is obtained through a unique extraction process that allows to obtain up to 70x more antioxidant molecules than regular extracts;
  • Bosana Olives extract from Sardinia: they contain a high content of essential fatty acids and also of antioxidants. Again, the extraction process is crucial to preserve the richness of these ingredients;
  • Lentisco extract from Greece: with oleanolic acid that enhances the skin's regeneration capacity.

How to Use






Apply morning and evening on clean skin before your specific treatment serum or as the only serum.


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last update: 14 August 2017

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