Booster energy for dull skin - Clarins

Clarins - Booster energy for dull skin 15ml

Clarins - Booster energy



The Energy Booster was specially developed for people who suffer from few hours of sleep, jet lag, or during periods of prolonged diet; in which the skin suffers with the accumulated stress.


An energy and radiance boost for your skin!


This highly concentrated formula allows to effectively treat the dull skin with signs of fatigue, restoring the radiance and energy you need!

You can combine this booster with your usual beauty routine, mixing a few drops with your serum, moisturizer, etc.

It's formula contains ginseng, with a widely recognized stimulating action, as well as the Clarins anti-pollution complex, which helps protect the skin from day-to-day aggressions.

How to Use






Add 3 to 5 drops to your moisturizer, serum, mask or foundation.

Use for as long as you need.