Double serum anti-aging global care - Clarins

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    Clarins Double serum anti-aging global care 30ml
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Clarins - Double serum anti-aging global care 30ml

Clarins - Double serum

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    Clarins Double serum anti-aging global care 50ml
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Clarins - Double serum anti-aging global care 50ml

Clarins - Double serum



Two threads in one!

Double serum is already one of Clarins' bestsellers, but the brand doesn't want to stop to innovate and look for better solutions to take care of your skin!

The new formula that allows you to reactivate your skin's 5 vital functions, preserving your youth and correcting the signs aging that you may already present!

This product contains two phases; oily and watery, and it's suitable for all women, regardless of age, sensitivity, skin tone or skin type; as it offers a complete and effective response against skin aging.

It's biomimetic texture allows it to recreate the hydrolipidic film from the skin, adapting perfectly for the oily skins and the dryer skin types.

This unprecedented formula is composed of 21 plant extracts, among which is tumeric, known for its action on wrinkles, complexion, and skin brightness.

Additionally, this serum contains plant extracts from green banana, avocado, myrothamnus, red jana, orthosiphon, oat sugars, among others.

How to Use






Remove the cap and select the amount you need at the pump:

Small drop

Oily to combination skin, or during humid/ hot weather

Large drop

Normal, dry or sensitive skin; cold or dry weather

Then warm the serum on both hands, and apply on the face and neck performing g draining pressures from the center to the outside.


Best of clarins!

last update: 11 March 2018

Best of clarins!
A brand constantly updated and innovative for continuous improvement of beauty care to meet the different needs of every skin type
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