Hydraquench tinted moisturizer - Clarins

Clarins - Hydraquench tinted moisturizer peach 03 50ml

Clarins - Crème de soins teintée désaltérante 03 peach

Clarins - Hydraquench tinted moisturizer blond 04 50ml

Clarins - Crème de soins teintée désaltérante 04 blonde

Clarins - Hydraquench tinted moisturizer gold 05 50ml

Clarins - Crème de soins teintée désaltérante 05 gold



Present a magnificent appearance and resplendent of freshness without sounding made-up, feel good in your skin perfectly hydrated!

The cream that brings your skin back to life!

You can choose between four shades of Crème de Soins Teintée:

  • Honey 02
  • Peach 03
  • Blond 04
  • Gold 05

Effectiveness of care
Clarins exclusivity, the extract of katafray bark, Madagascar, shrub relaunches natural mechanisms of hydration.
Thus, it is guaranteed that your skin stays fresh, soft and supple throughout the day.

Perfection of color
With mineral pigments provide color to your complexion, with complete transparency and diffuse ideally the light to give your face a very natural luminosity.
To mitigate optically ridulas, imperfections and marks of fatigue, reveal their good looks.
Your complexion appears immediately fresher and luminous.

Anti-UV Protection, thanks to a 100% mineral filter (SPF6).
Anti-pollution protection.

How to Use






Apply the cream with the entire length of the fingers on the cheekbones, chin, forehead and neck.
Then, standardize through soft movements, smoothing the inside of the cheek to the extremities.