Lisse minute base primer - Clarins

Clarins - Lisse minute base primer 15ml

Clarins - Lisse minute base primer



This Clarins make-up primer, winner of a prize for beauty, confirms the perfect alliance between make-up and care!

The best product for the best care!

With an incredibly fine and smooth texture, glides on the skin, depositing a veil as a second skin invisible, which fills and eliminates wrinkles, fine lines and pores!

- Acacia Micropearl Form:
swell to absorb water released naturally by the skin, filling in the wrinkles and fine lines.
- Plant Assets and Vitamin E: protect the epidermis from dehydration.

How to Use





Apply with your finger or with the brush in the areas to be treated (wrinkles, enlarged pores), through little touches.


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