Men anti-fatigue eye serum - Clarins

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Clarins - Men anti-fatigue eye serum 20ml

Clarins - Men sérum défatigant yeux



Reduces the dark circles and puffiness through their draining action, restoring the strength to the fragile skin around the eyes!

Delay the appearance of wrinkles!

Helps to combat the first signs of ageing of the eye contour area!


- Bison Grass extracts of Gymnema and Organic Goji Berries: recycle and stimulate the cellular energy;
- Avocado Peptides: reduce noticeably the expression lines and wrinkles;
- Polioses Organic Oatmeal: smooth skin immediately;
- Escin-India Chestnut: helps to reduce dark circles;
- Caffeine: helps to absorb the conversations;
- Betaine: hydrates.

How to Use





Apply in the morning and night, through little touches on the eye contour area without stretching the skin.


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