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    Clarins Uv plus anti-pollution spf50 30ml
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Clarins - Uv plus anti-pollution spf50 30ml

Clarins - Uv plus anti-pollution spf50



A triple anti-UV protection, anti-pollution and antioxidant thought to the life and beauty in town!

Improve the texture and tone of your skin, while benefiting from the best anti pollution protection against free radicals.

A perfect environment and a nourished skin in the middle of city!


Protects the skin against the emerge of dark spots and premature skin aging, preserving the youthfulness and shine of the skin.

An ultra-light SPF50 sunscreen that forms an invisible but powerful film, making it ideal for application over your daily care.

Protects against UVA-UVB rays, pigmentation spots and complexion darkening.
It also provides a high anti-pollution and antioxidant protection that prevents premature skin aging!


How to Use






Apply on the face and neck using gentle movements, after your usual day care, before makeup.


Best of clarins!

last update: 11 March 2018

Best of clarins!
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