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    Clinique Redness solutions daily protective base spf15 40ml
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Clinique - Redness solutions daily protective base spf15 40ml

Clinique - Redness solutions daily protective base spf15



Protects the skin from exposure UVA / UVB, without chemical sunscreens, which are responsible for the aggravation of rosacea or reactive redness.

A comforting primer that corrects your skin!

  • Not only protects the skin from environmental aggressors day-to-day, such as preparing for a perfect makeup.

  • Its lightweight formula contains no oil and is suitable both for people with reactive redness as well as persistent.

  • Provides daily protection against UVA and UVB rays thanks to its solar filter system 100% physical.

How to Use






Spread well all over the face before applying makeup, avoiding direct contact with eyes.

It is recommended to daily use of this product.

Redness Solutions by Clinique

If you struggle daily to combat redness, then you should use the Redness Solutions system (which includes Soothing CleanserDaily Relief Cream and Daily Protective Base SPF 15) in your daily routine skin care. This product line can be used even if your skin problems include visibly dilated capillaries, burning and skin sensitivity.

Note that only if occasionally your skin becomes incarnate, irritated and itchy, then the most appropriate choice is Redness Solutions Urgent Relief Cream. At such times, you can still use your usual 3-Step system, adding just the application of Urgent Relief Cream.