Clique one a15 with 0,15% retinol - CliqueOne

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CliqueOne - Clique One A15 with 0,15% retinol 28 single dosis

CliqueOne - Clique One A15



Retinol is undoubtedly one of the most prestigious anti-aging ingredients and it  has been shown to provide a both anti-seborrheic and depigmenting action as well.

Clique One A15 with 0.15% retinol allows you to regenerate your skin and regulate cell's renewal, avoiding pore obstruction and delaying in skin aging.

For smoother and brighter skin!

This product can even be used in acneic skin, since it prevents pimples generatin«on; functioning as anti-acne and anti-aging preventative care.

How to Use






Apply on the cleansed skin of the face and neck replacing your serum and before your moisturizer.

Perform one application at night.

It is recommended to use sunscreen while applying this product.


The best active ingredients ... and where you can find them!

last update: 09 February 2019

The best active ingredients ... and where you can find them!
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