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    CliqueOne Clique one e5 com 5% de vitamina e 28 single dosis
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CliqueOne - Clique one e5 com 5% de vitamina e 28 single dosis

CliqueOne - Clique one e5



Vitamin E is essential for the preservation of the organism's cells, and it's especially important for skin's health.

Clique One E5 with 5% vitamin E is a product rich in this precious micronutrient, which contains a pure form of natural origin Vitamin E.

Ideal for sensitive and reactive skins, protecting them from free radicals!

This product promotes skin moisturization while it counteracts the undesirable oxidations, thus shielding each cell from the pro-oxidant environmental agents.

It can be used as preventive care, or as a supplement to your anti-aging treatment.

In addition, its soothing action neutralizes the negative effects of UV radiation.

How to Use






Apply on the clean skin of the face and neck replacing your serum and before your moisturizer.

Use one single dose in the morning and another one at evening.

If used in conjunction with the Clique one C10, use the latter one at night and the Clique one E5 in the morning.