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    Collistar Anti stretch marks concentrate 150ml
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Collistar - Anti stretch marks concentrate 150ml

Collistar - Concentrato antismagliature




Ultra smooth, this concentrate combats stretch marks on all its fronts and is effective both, in combating its formation and minimizing its appearance.

Efficacy is guaranteed by the joint action of 3 actives:

  • ELASTIN: the main component of elastic fibers of connecting tissues
  • HYALURONIC ACID: essential for the hydration, firmness and tonicity of the skin tissues
  • COLLAGEN: a true natural support of the skin

prevention and repair

A special, super nutritious and elastifying matrix based on sweet almond oil, shea butter and jojoba wax that leaves the skin soft, toned and smooth.

Elastin, Hyaluronic Acid and Collagen: the fundamental molecules of skin elasticity and compactness, offered in optimized concentration to ensure:
- Maximum effectiveness
- Specific action
- Great security

An innovative formula body care, that tonifies and strengthens the skin tissues, fighting the formation of stretch marks, improving the appearance of the skin and reducing the coloration of the stretch marks!!


How to use





Apply the cream and massage with light circular movements to aid absorption.

Treatment should begin in early pregnancy or diet and continued for at least one month after childbirth or weight loss.