Conceive plus vaginal lubricante for couples trying to conceive - Conceive Plus

Conceive Plus - Conceive plus vaginal lubricante for couples trying to conceive 3applicators

Conceive Plus - Conceive plus

Conceive Plus - Conceive plus vaginal lubricante for couples trying to conceive 8applicators

Conceive Plus - Conceive plus



Conceive Plus increase your chances of getting pregnant naturally!

A lubricant beneficial for sperm with calcium and magnesium ions, safe for sperm and recommended to all couples attempting to conceive.

Intended for intravaginal use, it enhances the pleasure and is safe for the sperm and embryo development.

Some dreams come true... Naturally! ❤

Conceive Plus is a personal lubricant favorable to fertility, not subject to medical prescription, which is approved by the Food and Drug Administration - FDA, as safe for use when you are trying to get pregnant!

Support for fertility is an essential part of the conception, whether you are starting or already trying for some time.

Conceive Plus increases the ease and comfort of intimate sexual activity, complementing the natural lubrication of the body, helping couples on their way to a natural pregnancy.

Sold as individual applicators that are truly practical and easy to use.

The ideal lubricant to counter the vaginal dryness and increase the chances of getting pregnant.


How to use

Conceive Plus


Hold the applicator with the narrow end up, twist the tab and discard.

Gently insert the narrow end of the applicator into the vagina up to maximum, and then press the hose part 2 to 3 times to deposit Conceive Plus on the vaginal cavity.

Remove the applicator while continuing to hold the flexible part, and then throw it away.

Each applicator is for single use only and can not be stored after opening or reused.

It can be applied 10 to 15 minutes before sexual activity to allow moisture from spreading throughout the vagina.

Each applicator contains 4 grams of Conceive Plus.

If more humidity is required, please use the Conceive Plus tube or another applicator.