Hair follicular islands ampoules for men - Crescina

Crescina - Hair follicular islands ampoules for men 1700 20ampoules

Crescina - Hair follicular islands

Crescina - Hair follicular islands ampoules for men 1900 20ampoules

Crescina - Hair follicular islands

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Crescina - Hair follicular islands ampoules for men 2100 20ampoules

Crescina - Hair follicular islands



In addition to the primary hair follicles, from which only one hair may emerge, our scalp also contains follicular islands; which are complex structures with high nutritional requirements.

By conferring more than only one hair to the surface, the follicular islands become extremely important to the hair density.

Being aware of this fact, Crescina developed a new patent and created the Hair Follicular Islands range, with a formula that is specially adapted to the needs of the male's scalp.

An increase in the total number of hairs from the follicular islands, for a fuller and more uniform hair

In addition to containing the HFSC patent from the previous Crescina ampoules, this ampoules have the advantage of meeting the follicular islands' energy needs, thanks to 5 new ingredients:

  • Glycogen, directed to the piloerector muscle from the island;
  • Extract from Lupinus albus, for the blood vessels of the vascular network that irrigates the multiple follicles from the island;
  • Glutamyl-amido-ethyl-indole, directed to the nerve fiber network;
  • Proline, which is essential for the collagen of the perifolicle;
  • Extracts from Triticum vulgare, Glycine max and Scutellaria baicalensis, which provide energy to the entire follicular islands system.

As a result, the cellular activity from the bulbs and follicles from of follicular islands is improved, which results in increased hair growth.

In addition, these same active ingredients are also advantageous for enhancing the hair grown on primary follicles!

How to Use






Use for 5 consecutive days, with a 2 days pause before a new cycle of 5 applications.

It is advisable to use for a minimum period of 2 months.

How to apply

  1. Take the special rigid plastic vial breaker from its holder in the pack.
  2. Fit the vial breaker to the vial, simply positioning it over the neck. Grip the vial breaker between finger and thumb and snap off the top part of the vial, applying light but firm pressure.
  3. Take the applicator nozzle from its holder.
  4. Fit the applicator onto the neck of the opened vial.
  5. Remove the cap from the applicator.
  6. With the head slightly tilted back, so that the liquid does not flow to the face, apply the preparation to a dry and clean scalp, line by line, concentrating on the areas where thinning is most noticeable. Massage gently to aid penetration.


Crescina hair follicular islands

last update: 09 February 2019

Crescina hair follicular islands
Thinking especially of capillary thinning, Crescina has developed two new ampoules formulas, and created the Hair Follicular Islands range. Do you know what distinguishes this from the other anti-hairloss treatments?