Detox eliminator of waste and toxins - Depuralina

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Depuralina - Detox eliminator of waste and toxins 250ml

Depuralina - Detox



A good liver function, allows for greater and more efficient body's ability to eliminate toxins and waste.

A Detox formula for the general well-being of your body!

Depuralina Detox consists of an association of plants known to promote liver function.:

  • Milk Thistle;
  • Artichoke;
  • Dandelion;
  • Brassicare ™
  • Colina;
  • Vitamin C

This combination of plants, promotes the proper functioning of the liver for a more effective hepatic metabolism of waste and toxins, promoting in the detoxification of the body.






Take 1 daily measure (15 ml) diluted in water or fruit juice, preferably before breakfast.

Alternatively, the measure can be diluted in 1,5l of water to drink throughout the day.


Use in pregnancy or lactation only after medical or pharmaceutical advice.


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