Aminexil clinical 5 men ampules multi target anti hair loss - Dercos

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Dercos - Aminexil clinical 5 anti-hair loss ampoules for men 42ampules | pack promo

Dercos - Aminexil clinical 5 pour homme

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Dercos - Aminexil clinical 5 anti-hair loss ampoules for men 21ampules

Dercos - Aminexil clinical 5 pour homme

Dercos - Aminexil clinical 5 anti-hair loss ampoules for men 12ampules

Dercos - Aminexil clinical 5 pour homme



Aminexil clinical 5 - Anti-hair loss ampoules for men

The latest Dercos hair treatment that acts in the 5 causes of hair loss:

  • Weakened hair fiber
  • Micro-imbalances of the scalp flora
  • Loss of strength
  • Weak bulb anchoring 
  • Compromised blood microcirculation

With a multifactorial approach for a complete and long-lasting effectiveness in the treatment of hair-loss!

Aminexil Clinical 5 is indicated for the treatment of seasonal, hormonal or reactional hair loss

Compared with Aminexil Pro, the Derco's previous response for treating hair loss, the Aminexil Clinical 5 is faster, being effective from the 1st application with visible results after 3 weeks, with a shorter treatment period of 6 weeks. More effective, with more scientific support, more clinical tests involving scalp biomarkers which ensure its effectiveness. With long-lasting results, recurrences of seasonal hair falls are more widely spaced, and their effectiveness remains even after the end of the treatment.

Developed with innovative active ingredients que come together in a synergistic formulation to treat the 5 most obvious causes of the fall-capillary:

  • SP94 complex that acts in increasing the hair's fiber resistance;
  • Vichy's remineralizing water which strengthens the scalp's barrier function;
  • Octeine that reduces the micro-imbalance an the aggravating factor of the hair loss;
  • Arginine stimulates blood microcirculation responsible for the nutrient supply to the bulb and its growth;
  • Aminexil reinforces the anchoring of the bulb and combat hardening of collagen sheath.

Besides its efficacy, the new Aminexil 5 shows clinical improvements in its texture!

Unlike the fluid texture of the previous Aminexil Pro ampoules, the current Aminexil Clinical 5 presents a more comfortable and pleasant texture that does not drip, does not stick, leaves no oily residue on the scalp, gives a fresh feeling after application, dries quickly given a greater penetrating power, with a pleasant scent.

How to use





Apply 1 ampoule per day during 6 weeks of treatment.

The application can be done on the dry or wet scalp.

Do not rinse!