Melascreen intense depigmenting care - Ducray

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    Ducray Melascreen intense depigmenting care 30ml
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Ducray - Melascreen intense depigmenting care 30ml

Ducray - Melascreen dépigmentant soin d'attaque



Corrects and reduces hyperpigmentation spots on face and neckline.

Excellent efficiency in brown spots removal!

Contains azelaic and glycolic acids which reduce skin thickness, eliminating melanin from cutaneous surface.

Concentrated and localized action.

How to use





Apply morning and night, in the affected areas.

For maximum efficiency use for 3 months.

Melascreen - Ducray

UV radiation and skin aging are often at the origin of pigmentation problems. Similarly, hormones produced during pregnancy or by taking estrogens, potentiate the effects of the Sun on the skin, also contributing to the appearance of unsightly stains. The worst-affected areas are face, neckline and back of the hands.

It is essential to use appropriate and targeted products, in the care of epidermal hyperpigmentation.