Neoptide anti-chronic man hair loss lotion - Ducray

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Ducray - Neoptide hair loss lotion 100ml + anaphase+ shampoo 200ml

Ducray - Neoptide lotion antichute

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Ducray - Neoptide anti-chronic man hair loss lotion 100ml

Ducray - Neoptide lotion antichute



Anti-hair loss lotion specially designed for man.

Each bottle corresponds to 3 months of treatment.

Unique product acting on 3 critical factors of chronic alopecia!

Optimized, light non-greasy texture.

Parabens and preservatives free. Can be used even in the most sensitive scalps.

How to use





Apply once a day, 9 sprays on wet or dry scalp, especially in the nape (most affected area). Massage carefully in order to promote lotion penetration.

Do not rinse. Don't wash hair within two hours.

Treatment should be performed for at least 3 months.

To maximize efficiency it is advisable to use Anaphase shampoo.

Hair loss - Neoptide - Ducray

Hair loss is a natural phenomenon caused by various causes such as heredity, stress, fatigue, ... However, in some circumstances, hair loss can be quite significant becoming imperative to act and so adopt tailored care.